Le recite di Elisabetta

Ricevo da Elisabetta, e volentieri metto qui, un'altra recita natalizia, questa volta in Inglese. Ormai Natale è passato ma per chi è sempre in cerca di materiale va bene lo stesso.Si tratta della famosissima 'Christmas carol' riadattata per i bambini.
L'età consigliata è intorno ai dieci anni.
Il carattere usato forse è un po' piccolo ma se interessa si può copiare, incollare e adattare la misura.
Spero che faccia il suo servizio
ciao ciao

A Christmas Carol 
from Charles Dickens

“A Christmas Carol” is the story of an old miser, Ebenezer Scrooge, who  even works on
Christmas day. He’s hard on his family and hasn’t got any friends. When he goes to bed,
he’s visited by Marley, his dead partner  and three Christmas ghosts.

We are in London in 1843. It’s a very cold winter.
It’s Christmas time and people give presents to their relatives and friends or money to the
poor. everywhere children are sining Christmas songs.
This is Scrooge. This is his office.
Marley was Scrooge’s partner. He died seven years ago but the business is still known as
“Scrooge and Marley”.
Scrooge is a rich man,as hard as iron. He has no friends and no one likes him.
This is Bob, his clerk. H’s got a big family and he works very hard for Scrooge  for little
money. He ‘s very cold because Scrooge never buys much wood for the  fire.
Today is Christmas Eve,( the) 24th (of) December. Mr. Scrooge and Bob are still working.
Fred, Mr. Scrooge’s nephew, arrives.
FRED Merry Christmas, uncle Scrooge.
SCROOGE Humbug! Christmas is only a time for spending money.
FRED Christmas is a time to be really good to others. I’ve no money but I’m happy
because this is a good time to spend with the family.
SCROOGE Bah! It’s humbug!
FRED Don’t be angry, uncle. Come and have dinner with us tomorrow!
SCROOGE Certainly not. Good bye.
FRED Why not? We could  be friends…
SCROOGE Good bye!
FRED (to Bob) Merry Christmas, sir.
BOB Merry Christmas to you and your family.
SCROOGE(to Bob) Humbug! YOU must be mad too.
Fred exits

Scene II
Two gentlemen arrive, asking for  money for the poor.
GENTLEMAN 1 Mr. Marley?
SCROOGE Mr. Marley died seven years ago this very night.
GENTLEMAN 2 Oh, sorry, Mr. Scrooge. Well, as you know, it’s Christmas time and many
people have no food nor drink…
GENTLEMAN 1 Please, give us some money for the poor.Please…
SCROOGE I have no money for lazy people. Good bye, gentlemen.
The two gentlemen go out

Scene III
It’s late. It’s closing time.
BOB Well, Mr. Scrooge, I’m going home… ehm, excuse me, eh, can I stay with my family
all the day tomorrow?... It’s Christmas Day…
BOB But Christmas is once a year, sir. 

SCROOGE Yes, of course. But no work no pay!
BOB Ok, sir… and Merry Christmas…
Bob exits. Scrooge closes the office and exits

Scene IV Scrooge’s home
Scrooge arrivest home. He unlocks the door, goes in and locks the door once, twice, three
times. He keeps all his money in the house under the mattress; he doesn’t believe in
He lights a very short candle and checks everywhere.
SCROOGE …nobody under the table, nobody under the armchair, nobody behind the
curtains. All right!
He sits in his armchair with a very old blanket. He hears astrange noise of chains..
SCROOGE What’s that? …Marley? Is it you? No, it’s impossible!
Marley appears in front of him with a long chain around him.
MARLEY Don’t be afraid! I’m here to help you.
SCROOGE But youre dead!!!
MARLEY Yes, I spent my life making money. I had no friends at all.
Now my spirit has no peace, no rest.
But it’s not too late for you! Tonight three spirits will visit you, listen to them.
Remember, you still have a chance… Exit
SCROOGE Humbug, humbug… ehm…brrr… (shivering and closing his eyes)

Scene V The first spirit
Scrooge is sleeping. The clock strikes Twelve. A strange visitor with a white  cloak arrives.
SCROOGE Who are you?
GHOST 1 I’m the ghost of Christmas Past, your past. Come with me…
They arrive at a school for poor children; some children are singing “Jingle bells”, one child
is on his own.
SCROOGE I was a poor boy here.
GHOST 1 Yes, this is your old school.
You had no friends. You were always alone. Do you remember?
SCROOGE Yes, I do. I was always alone: the only person who loved me was my sister,
but she is dead now.
GHOST 1 Yes, but you have  your sister’s son, Fred. He loves you
Come and see another Christmas.

Scene VI
A young man is sitting by the side of a young lady.
GHOST 1 You were a young man and that was your first girl-friend,
do you remember?
YOUNG BOY  (Scrooge) Why do you want to leave me?
YOUNG LADY (Isabel) … You have another love in your heart now … (she is very sad)
YOUNG BOY What love?
YOUNG LADY The love of gold and money. You have changed. You are not the same
man I met. I don’t love you any more. Exit
SCROOGE I don’t want to see anymore. Take me home!
They go back home and GHOST 1 disappears.
Scene VII The second spirit
Scrooge is sleeping again when the clock strikes One. A visitor with a green cloak is at the
GHOST 2 I’m the ghost of Christmas Present. Give me your hand.
Scrooge follows the second ghost to Bob’s house. He and his family are celebrating
PETER Can I help you?
TIM Yes.
Peter helps Tim to sit at the table
BOB Merry Christmas to us all. (kissing his family)
WIFE Merry Christmas Bob, dinner is ready.
CHILDREN Merry Christmas dad.
BOB Let’s drink a toast to everyone including  Mr. Scrooge!
WIFE  AND CHILDREN No, never. He’s such a hard man!... 
BOB Come Come    It’s Christmas!!!
WIFE But, you’re right, dear. It’s Christmas and he’s alone. A merry Christmas to Mr.
BOB And a happy new year too…
SCROOGE Look. They are wishing me a Merry Christmas !
GHOST 2 Let’s go now.

Scene VIII
The ghost leads Scrooge to his nephew’s house
GHOST 2 This is Fred with his wife and his friend. Listen to them.
FRED  What a  pity! Uncle Scrooge  isn’t here with us. He  said that Christmas is
HIS WIFE That’s bad. He’s not a happy man.
FRED Yes, he’s very rich but he does nothing good with his money.
FRIEND  Ehi, Fred, let’s play “Yes and No”.
HIS WIFE All right. Fred, you think of something and we’ll ask you some questions.
FRED I’ll answer only “Yes” or “No”… Ok?... Well, I’m ready.
HIS WIFE Is it an animal?
FRED Yes, it is.
FRIEND  Is it a pet?
FRED Yes,it is.
FRIEND  A nice animal?
FRED No, it isn’t.
FRIEND Is it in London?
FRED Yes, it is.
FRIEND 1 Is it killed for food?
FRED No, it isn’t.
HIS WIFE  Is it a dog?
FRED No, it isn’t.
FRIEND  A cat?
FRED No, it isn’t.
HIS WIFE Is it a bear?
FRED Noooo…it isn’t
FRIEND  I know what it is! It’s your uncle Scrooge… ha, ha!
HIS WIFE Let’s drink to the health of uncle Scrooge! I’m sorry for Uncle Scrooge .All that
money and no friends. Nobody loves him
FRED Merry Christmas to uncle Scrooge! 

SCROOGE I can’t understand. They love me.
GHOST 2 Yes, but it’s time to go back now.

Scene IX The last spirit
Scrooge is at home, sleeping. It’s Two o’clock and a black spirit comes.
GHOST 3 I’m the spirit of Christmas Future…
SCROOGE I’m afraid of you… you are the third spirit and you are so black!
GHOST 3 Don’t worry. We’re going to see happy people…
A man and a woman are laughing
MAN ... this was HIS silver pen, these were HIS silver spoons and HIS books…
WOMAN Now, HE’s dead and HE doesn’t need HIS things any more…
MAN Yes, ha, ha, ha. That’s right. HE’s dead…
SCROOGE They are happy, but someone is dead. Who?
GHOST 3 We have to pay another visit.

Scene X
They arrive at the churchyard. Bob and Fred with their families are there with some
BOB Let’s put some flowers on HIS grave…
His wife and children put the flowers near the headstone.
FRED Now that HE’s dead, I can help Bob and his family!
HIS WIFE You are a very good man.
SCROOGE Who is dead? Who?
GHOST 3 Follow me and look!
The ghost shows the headstone with a name on it (SCROOGE)
SCROOGE My God. That’s MY name! That’s MY grave! I don’t want to die!
Help me… I can change.
I want to be good. Please help me… (weeping)
Ghost 3 disappears.
Song:Where are you Christams?

Scene XI Christmas Day
Scrooge is sleeping. A Christmas carol can be heard  all around. He wakes up.
SCROOGE  What is it?  A Christmas carol? Great!I’m alive I’m alive.I’m lucky and I’m
happy. Maybe it’s not too late. What a beautiful day it is. I love Christmas. I love
everybody. I can have another chance. First I will send some money to Bob and his family.
Then I will buy a big turkey and I will have dinner with Fred and MY family.
It will be a wonderful Christmas Day, this year and the next ones too.

From that Christmas Scrooge is a new man. He helps the poor and is kind to everyone.

Before saying goodbye to you we are going to sing our last song “Santa Claus is coming to
town” , so merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family

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