Calendario musicale dell'Avvento 10

Kingdom of gold

The high priest of money looks down on the river
The dawn coming up on his kingdom of gold
when the rim of the sun sends an arrow of silver
he prays to the gods of the bought and the sold
He turns to his symbols, his ribbons of numbers
they circle and spin on their mystical scroll
he looks for a sign while the city still slumbers
and the ribbons and the river forever unroll
in his kingdom of gold, his kingdom of gold
kingdom of gold, his kingdom of gold
kingdom of gold
On the orizon an enemy haven
sends traces of smoke high up into the sky
a pack of dog jackals and rabble of ravens
who'll come for his fortress, his castle on high
In his kingdom of gold...
His axes and armour will conquer these devils
the turbulent raiders will falter and fall
their leaders be taken, their camps burned and levelled
they'll hang in the wind from his citadel walls
in his kingdom of gold...

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